• Image of WITCHES HAMMER - s/t (1987) 7” EP

The true hell-spawn of West Coast Canadian Speed Metal — second to none! Pioneers of their genre, Witches Hammer played amidst the mid-80s hardcore/crossover and thrash scenes surrounding the suburbs of Vancouver and after two successful demos decided to do a vinyl release. Recorded in 1987 at legendary Fiasco Bros studio and originally issued by Subversive Productions in a tiny pressing on 12” with just a paper sheet cover. Now carefully remastered and packed in a revised close-pocket sleeve featuring original cover art and a 12 page booklet with flyers, photographs & their story. A pinnacle moment for the group, wild Canadian Speed Metal. Thulsa doom! 500 copies. First 100 with a button. SE25

COMING 11/2018.

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