• Image of TWITCH "Dark Years" (1974) LP *REPRESS IN 2019*

TWITCH – “Dark Years” LP (1974, Vancouver)

"Dark Years", dating from 1974, is an essential artifact unearthed from the Canadian underground, complete with burning crosses, smoking cauldrons, mouthfuls of blood and haunting corpse paint predating black metal by well over a decade. A melding of epic doom, gutter glam, and shocking Satanic proto-punk from the damp Vancouver wastelands.

Professionally remastered from original analogue masters, 12 page booklet with insane fully restored photographs (full color cover & centerfold), first press of 500 gold ink hand-numbered copies! 7 songs, including: "Litany to Raise the Dead", "I Am the Wizard", and "Satan's Blood".


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"absolutely insane archival release...extreme proto-black metal visuals...proto-doom/early metal...proto-punk...superb album for music historians, fans of very early metal, and Canadian rarities" - Greg Pratt. Bravewords, 09/2015.

"An undiscovered early light in underground North American heavy music, recommended to folks keen on the heavier side of glam, metalheads and those searching for the crumbs to that led to the big punk feast."
"...based around an occult “rock opera”, which leans hard into the bonehead crunch zone of proto-metal / proto-punk."
"...denim delinquent yoofs exercising a fascination with the dark side..."
"part glitter rock garb, part prescient caked-on black metal-type makeup (with nods to Ms. Cooper)—at the time when contemporaneous future stars KISS were just making their way into the Bowery. Long hair, mustachioed faces and elaborate stage show that included occult antics, fake blood, incantations, smoking crosses, cauldrons, torches and fog effects was a quite a sight to behold. Far ahead their time aesthetically, during this period they shared stages with other Northwestern iconoclasts/weirdos in Ze Whiz Kids (with a pre-Screamers Tomata Du Plenty), Mikl Body Rock (with the infamous Jon Mikl Thor) and glam-pop wonders Sweeney Todd."
"...brutal, metallic, pulsating "Litany to Raise the Dead," one of the most realized and fleshed-out tracks on the set—including the most accomplished lyrically..."
"...straight, chugging, heavy rock’n’roll/proto-punk sound, with Chuck Berry-infused leads and some glammy vocal touches—“Satan’s Blood,” “Vaseline,” “Roaring Drunk,” “Sweet Baby C.T.” (the latter a standout of gutter-bound boogie/punk rock’n’roll akin to the Dead Boys).
(Jeremy Cargill, Ugly Things / Got Kinda Lost)

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