• Image of JERK WARD "Too Young To Thrash" (1982-84) *FINAL COPIES*

>>>>>>>>>>>> F I N A L C O P I E S ! ! ! <<<<<<<<<<<<

A 12" mini-LP teenage adrenalin overdose of hardcore thrash by the predecessors to Mission of Christ with Steve McBean of Black Mountain / Pink Mountaintops and Neos members.

Contains full “Flesh & Bones” ‘84 demo except one song replaced by an early version from “BYO - Medium Raw” comp tape ‘82, and one unreleased track. “this LP sounds great considering it’s comprised of demo recordings... Jerk Ward varies the tempos and also throws in weird guitar work to keep you on your toes. Lovingly compiled and well worth tracking down.” (MRR). 17 songs, flimsy fold-out cover with heaps of original artwork + photos circa ‘82-84, plus a mini-booklet with interview + art. 2nd press of 300.